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Red Burgundy

2008 Monet Chassagne Montrachet $65.00 8902000- Few people know that the Pinot Noir of this distrct that is mostly Chardonnay is the real sleeper of red Burgs.



White Burgundy


2013 Perrusset Macon Blanc - A Kermit Lynch selection- $25.00 # 8803000- A little known secret about Chardonnays is that Macon Blancs such as this selectioon are the BEST value on the planet..Clean, crisp, with that hint of mineral, stone, and a dash of honey. mmmmmmm


2012 Martin St. Veran $25.00 #7303000- Exactly next to the famous district of Poiully Fuisse this same Chardoanny based wine is as good as the Pouilly- jet half the price.


2011 Monette Mercury Blanc $42.95 #8003000- From the district juust south of the great Montrachets and Puligny Montrachets, this little village of Mercury is famous for great value Chardoanny's. The soil is flinty and rocky so as to make the Chardonnay vines suffer. This wine starts out absolutely dry, then surprises with a hint of honey in the middle.